Selling Oakville Real Estate: It’s All in the Presentation

Monday Jan 28th, 2019


Oakville real estate is in high demand, so if you are thinking about selling your home, now is the time. For most families, the house is the largest and most important asset. When you are serious about selling, it pays to consult with an Oakville REALTOR® who understands the local market, strategic pricing, and effective advertising. When you are making such an important sale, you want to be sure you are getting the best possible price, one that reflects its true value.

Your REALTOR® will not only list and advertise your home, but will also present it in its best light. By properly staging your house, you show off its full potential, which drives buyers’ interest and yields better offers. In fact, staged houses tend to sell more quickly than houses that are not staged.

First impressions are everything. The moment potential buyers set foot in your home, they are making judgments that inform their perception of your property’s value. To stage your home effectively, there are a few helpful tips you should follow.

  1. Clean everything thoroughly and remove all clutter.
  2. Get rid of stained, damaged, and outdated furniture and fixtures.
  3. Rent furniture if you have to, but remember that less is more: you want the interior to appear spacious.
  4. Open the curtains and blinds and clean the windows: buyers like to see “light and bright” interiors.
  5. Arrange your furniture away from the walls and anchor the arrangement with an area rug--this creates the impression of a cozy, sociable space.
  6. Place fresh flowers in vases, fresh fruit in the kitchen, and clean, folded towels in the bathroom.
  7. Boost your home’s curb appeal with thorough lawn maintenance and perhaps some light landscaping updates.
  8. The goal is to get buyers to visualize themselves living in your house, so make it homey (but not too informal), and give it character (without getting too eccentric).