Timing Is Everything in Oakville Real Estate

Tuesday Feb 13th, 2018


Timing Is Everything in Oakville Real Estate

It’s no secret that Oakville, ON, is a popular area. However, compared to a year ago, homes spend about twice as long on the market (45 days on average). Still, nearly 250 new listings have been created in the past month, making it a perfect time for buyers.


Winter is generally a great time for buyers. Because the Oakville real estate market is the eight fastest-growing market in the Greater Toronto area, it makes buying now even more advantageous. You are able to get a deal before prices grow even more.


The monthly change for housing prices is down more than 5%, but the annual change is up 8.2%. Because it’s one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the area, the prices are expected to rise again.


While winter is a buyers’ market, spring and early summer are the best times for sellers. The weather is nicer, which makes buyers more willing to travel to view the property. Plus, families with children are more likely to move during the summer so they don’t have to deal with the stress of changing schools mid-year.


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, understanding the right times to enter the market is crucial. Talking to a qualified real estate professional can help you get a better view of the market, how to price your property, or what to offer when purchasing a new property.

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